One of the simplest ways to describe a ceramic coating is to think about your vehicle's surface. Your vehicle has several layers of paint on it.  A ceramic coating is a sacrificial layer of protection over your vehicles finish. 

Utilizing nanotechnology, ceramic coatings build a permanent bond to your vehicles clearcoat. This clear layer is naked to the eye, but don't let that fool you. This clear layer will not wash away from cleaning or rain, nor will it break down fast like traditional waxes or sealants. In fact they last years! Water instantly repels away encapsulating dirt, making your vehicle easier to clean. This hydrophobic effect is known as the self cleaning effect. The hydrophobics of ceramic coatings is the first benefit that draws attention to the end user. While the self cleaning benefit nice, there even better benefits of a Ceramic Coating. Ceramic Coatings prevent oxidation, aide in bird droppings, and make your vehicle's surface less prone to scratching. The harden structure left behind from a ceramic coating is 2 to 3 times harder than clear coat. So why Ceramic Coatings? SB3 Ceramic Coatings is the best protection for car. SB3 Coatings brings innovation and science to provide you with modern technology. 

We have worked with many coatings to find one we like best


Maximum Protection

The main product is the paint Ceramic Coating: After years of intensive tests, one conclusion: The best paint protection is done by creating two layers:

- a BASE Coat (multi layerable), the hardest possible (9H) with an extreme clearness.

- a TOP Coat, super hydrophobic that literally feeds the Base Coat.

Thanks to their special formula and highest manufacturing standards, as well as their coatings for glass and wheels is one of the many reason we decided to team up with DINOWAX

Industry Leading

Ceramic Serum is a leading manufacturer of high end Ceramic Coating products for automotive industry.

They have developed a complete solution to protect vehicles, from paint to wheels and other exterior parts.

We are a part of a wide network of certified detailers from all over the world.

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